It began as a dare. Now an Olympian for Team USA, 2x US Olympic Team Member, 10x national team member, Kelsey Campbell was sifting her path as a high school senior. A multi-sport athlete with a solid passion for music, her path and legacy would change when some high school wrestlers dared her to “last two weeks on the wrestling team.” Campbell realized after becoming a two-time All-American that first year, that she might have awoken a new dream: Olympic Champion.

Traveling the United States and around the world, Kelsey, her teammates and competitors, worked daily to perfect their wrestling. When not on the mat, she worked with a Speed Coach and Nutritionist, both based in Arizona, as well as her strength & conditioning coach, a former Team USA athlete in the sport of boxing.

What began as a dare not only altered Kelsey’s path, it opened up opportunities for herself and many other women, both on and off the mat. Kelsey was the first female to wrestle for Arizona State University, and the 12th to wrestle for a men’s D! College Team, and only the third female to win back to back Olympic Trials in the USA for women’s wrestling. She is a 9 time US National Team Member, a 5x US Open Champion, a 3x World Cup Medalist and currently volunteers for the Sunkist Kids Academy, based out of Arizona.



Work your hardest.

dream your biggest.

be the greatest.