The New Strong

Premiered Oct 1, 2021



Premiered Mar 23, 2021

Kelsey Campbell, known also as worldchanger, for the multiple platforms reached during her athletic career. An Olympian and artistic performer, Kelsey has a passion for writing and showcasing her music abilities, film and commercial acting, writing and running a responsible-fasion, e-commerce business, while continuing to promote representation and inclusivity.

Some of Kelsey's most impactful experiences include qualifying for and competing at the Olympics, breaking barriers for women as the first female wrestler at her Alma Mater, and meeting mentors and role models throughout her athletic, scholastic, and music career.

Kelsey received her Undergrad Degree from Arizona State University, studying both Justice Studies and Religious Studies, and an MBA in Business from Keller Graduate School of Management. Her current intention is to perform musically mainstream, and to be cast in a major motion film. Kelsey is passionate about human and animals right, and is publishing her first children’s book in 2022.

Kelsey's most recent original music can be found on all major streaming music platforms. She often concludes that it was music that inspired her faith in God. She has released two music videos, performed professionally in productions, sporting events, and corporate events, and considers Mariah Carey to be her greatest musical influence.



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